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Prints... Decor

Inspiration for framing and displaying your wall art.

Ways to frame your prints…

How to display your wall art is mainly a matter of personal taste, but there are a few simple guidelines that may help enhance the presentation.

Look at the pictures on the left. From the top two pictures I think most people would agree that the one on the left is more pleasing to the eye, having a wide border. The low light picture doesn’t suit tight framing.

The next picture down seems equally pleasing to the eye in both instances, with or without wide border.

The square format tree below, once again is suited to a wide border but if wall space is at a premium the other two examples would not look too much out of place.

Before buying your frames take some time to consider and experiment with different options. Lay your photos onto white or light coloured card and try to find the most pleasing to the eye then buy the frame to suit.

Ideas to display your wall art…

Once you have your prints in their frames it is now time to decide how to hang them in groups, if you haven’t already planned this.

There are no hard and fast rules for this, once again it is a matter of personal choice but there are some basic presentation ideas that it may be best to adhere to.

The best way to start is to lay the prints on the floor and rearrange them until you get a satisfactory design which you can then transfer to your wall, I have shown some design ideas here but the final result depends on the quantity and size of your prints and the size of the area you wish to display them on.

One size groups are simple, as shown on the right. All you need to do is space them evenly apart. More complex mixes of sizes need a little more thought. Some examples are shown below.

Left: When mixing full size with half size prints use a larger frame with wide border on the large prints in order to compensate for the border and spacing of the smaller ones.

Above: A planned but random display can sometimes be pleasing to the eye.

Below: If you have a large feature wall or space above a mantelpiece a display like this gives impact.

Or, of course: You can always hang your Décor Prints as single prints in small areas.